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As seasoned veterans in the ERP industry, we know that most customers only use 20-30% of the features and functionality available in a system. The primary reason is complex applications require a complex network of sophisticated users to enter data in a multitude of complicated screens. Despite management directives, actual users are unable to adapt well because the systems are too difficult to use.

FactoryMaster removes the obstacles to a successful implementation by streamlining processes with user-friendly data entry screens without compromising functionality. In fact, FactoryMaster application features often surpass that of much more expensive and complex systems.

Just compare FactoryMaster's features to other ERP systems:

Engineering / ECN 
. Part Master 
. Multi-level BOM's 
. Routings/Alternate Routings 
. Drawing Revisions 
. Lot and Serial Control
. Estimating 
. Sales Quotes 
. Sales Orders 
. Available to Promise 
. Sales Invoicing 
. Price Book
. Incorporates Production and Purchasing lead times 
. Lot sizes 

. Automated Conversion from MRP 
. Min/Max re-order points 
. AP 3-way matching 

Work Orders 
. Bar-coded travelers 
Time & Attendance 
. Shop floor data capture 
. Non-chargeable time entry
Job Costing 
. Standard and Actual Cost
Scheduling & Capacity Planning 
. Planned vs Available Capacity 
. Drill-down to customer / operation / time / PO 
. Graphical Analysis
Quality Control 
. NCR Reporting 
. First article inspections 
. Genealogy reporting 

Inventory Control 
. Miscellaneous Receipts/Issues 
. Physical Inventory 

. Calibration based on usage or days

. User Security - Profiles & Roles 
. Tailorable screen labels to match your business terms

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