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FleetPro is the choice for new millennium fleet managers who value effective cost controls in every area of their operation. The system is a proactive solution that marries fleet management with up-to-the-minute software technology to deliver the sophistication and flexibility necessary to maintain and control vehicle costs well into the future.

The explosion of information required by fleet managers to control and counter spiralling costs has demanded a computerized system that is both sophisticated and flexible … the answer is FleetPro.

FleetPro is a world-class product providing solutions for every aspect of fleet management. It copes equally well with replacement costs, maintenance, repairs, or budgeting and cash flow requirements. Internal software links integrate FleetPro at every level with established corporate finance systems.

At the heart of FleetPro is a completely integrated fleet and financial environment; fuel and maintenance card-based for smaller fleets, or full financial management for larger concerns. FleetPro can be integrated with existing accounting and management systems, for companies requiring corporate finance facilities.

FleetPro's modular design allows extensive customization during the implementation phase, to ensure exactly the correct level of access and operational utility for each and every user.

The system is divided into four main areas:

» Static Data - defines all of the non-variable data required to run FleetPro

» Transaction & Event Management - the heart of the day-to-day operational system

» Management Information System - this provides comprehensive management reporting and detailed analysis

» Fleet Accounting - can be fully integrated with most accounting packages.

FleetPro will:

» Give greater control of your fleet

» Reduce your running costs

» Consolidate your fleet information

» Reduce your administration time and cost.

FleetPro is developed BY fleet managers FOR fleet managers

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