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Operating successfully in a demanding and competitive global market requires instant, controlled and secured access to select confidential information and senstive documents for employees, customers, suppliers and 3rd parties anytime, anywhere.

Induko develops web based applications that provide a single point of entry to authorized users and has ready-to-use portals for customers and suppliers featuring:

» Flexible Administration
Administrators can determine the level of information that is accessible or displayed on web pages

» Links to News and Events
Administrators can embed links to pertinent news and events 

Induko’s Customer and Supplier Portals are password protected websites integrated with your corporate systems to provide a secure access point enabling authorized users to view general supply chain information, as well as, user specific information to manage order, delivery, delivery tracking, forecast, invoice and payment activity.

Contact us online or call us at 888-4-INDUKO to discuss how you can provide instant access to mission critical information for key users anytime, anywhere.

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